What Are the Instructions for Installing Recessed Lighting?

The process of installing recessed lighting consists of planning the layout, cutting holes in the ceiling for light fixtures before mounting and wiring the fixtures. Recessed lighting that features a baffle trim provides a wide beam of light, while an eyeball trim allows for more dynamic lighting that may rotate to focus on a specific area.

Before beginning the installation process, turn off electricity from the main fuse box, and ensure that all wiring and hardware comply with local building codes. After identifying mounting points, use the manufacturer's template when transferring the opening of each fixture to the ceiling. Use a hole saw to make openings in the ceiling, and visually inspect any attic or crawlspace located above the openings for obstructions.

Pull cable from the power source to the location of the recessed fixtures, leaving about 18 inches of additional wire. The excess wire provides the slack needed to connect the fixtures. Use a long flexible drill bit to make holes through the joints and wood framing, and pull the cable through with a wire. Wire the fixtures, connecting like-colored wires and secure each connection with a wire connectors. Screw light bulbs into each fixture, and then activate the circuit to test the fixtures.