What Are Some Instructions for Installing a Propane Fireplace?


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To install a propane fireplace, consult an inspector in the local building department about codes for installing propane fireplaces. Decide whether to operate the fireplace using a portable propane tank, or install a line for the propane fuel. For a direct vent method of installation via an exterior sidewall, install a fire stop in any wall opening or ceiling. Fix a carbon dioxide and a smoke detector in an appropriate place in the room.

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Choose a non-combustible wall to position the fireplace, and allow enough clearance for the wall and other combustible materials. Prepare a vent for the fireplace by cutting a hole from the outside. Use a saw to cut a 7-inch hole through the wall to accommodate a 7-inch pipe. Let the pipe run into the room where the fireplace is to be installed.

Insert pipes in both the outside and the inside fireplace, and tighten the piping inside the hole. Check to make sure that the vent is in good condition and that it has met the required specifications. Fix the fireplace ventilation to the piping that has been installed.

Attach the propane tank to the fireplace from outside. Follow the instructions on the fireplace and the propane tank to do the installations. Test the fireplace before use to ensure it is functioning efficiently. To operate a fireplace, acquire a remote control or thermostat.

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