What Are the Instructions for Installing a Maytag Dryer?


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The instructions for installing a Maytag dryer are to screw in the legs on the bottom of the unit, connect the power cord wires appropriately in the terminal block and connect the vent to the exhaust port at the back of the unit. To finish the installation, level the dryer.

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When installing a Maytag dryer, unpack the unit, and lie it on its back. Screw the legs or leveling feet of the dryer into the slots given on the bottom of the unit. Use an adjustable wrench for this purpose if needed. Lift the dryer from its right side, and position it close to the installation area.

To provide electrical supply to the dryer, unscrew the terminal block cover located at the center of the back panel of the unit. Connect the white wire of the power cord to center port of the terminal block, the green wire to the grounding hole of the chassis of the dryer and the other wires to the external ports on the block. Reattach the cover of the terminal block.

Next, slide the exhaust port, which is located toward the bottom of the dryer's back panel, into the dryer vent. Place a circular metal clamp over the end of the vent, and tighten its screws to secure the connection. Position the dryer as required, and adjust its leveling feet to level the dryer. Finally, connect the dryer to an electrical outlet.

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