What Are the Instructions to Install Over-Range Microwaves?


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To install an over range microwave, a person should gather tools such as a Phillips screwdriver, measuring tape, carpenter's pencil, carpenter's square and scissors. Installation also requires a drill, saw, level, stud finder and duct tape. Safety equipment, such as goggles, should also be worn.

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The first step to installing an over-range microwave is to use the stud finder to locate the studs. Once they are found, the templates, which should have come with the microwave, should be applied with care. Each template should have marks that show the installer where to drill. Once those holes are drilled, the metal mounting plate should be installed based on the directions that came with the microwave.

The cord of the microwave should be placed on top of it, and the appliance lifted into place. It may be a good idea to use two people for this as a microwave is often heavy, and one person needs to move the cord into place once the microwave is lifted. The microwave should hook into the mounting plate via tabs at this point, and the cord should be threaded through the proper hole based on the template.

Before the microwave can be used, all of the screws have to be tight, and if it is a ducted unit, the ducts should be taped. It can then be plugged in and used to cook.

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