What Are the Instructions to Initially Set the Time on an Atomix Clock?


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The instructions to initially set the time on an Atomix clock include setting the indicators of the time zone and the daylight saving time. Also, place the clock at a location that makes catching WWVB radio signals easy and check it for proper signal reception.

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To set the indicator of the time zone on the Atomix clock, press the up arrow button until the graphic of the map of United States displays the right time zone. Press Select to confirm this setting. To set the indicator of the daylight saving time, again press the up arrow button and then press Select to confirm the setting.

To ensure that the clock picks up the WWVB radio band signals easily, place it in a direction pointing towards Colorado. This allows the device to synchronize and work properly. Ensure that the clock is located away from metals, microwaves and radio devices to avoid any interference with the WWVB signals.

Check the bars that indicate the signal strength on the clock's display and place the device accordingly. Check the clock after 24 hours. If the clock displays an incorrect time, day or time zone, move it to a location in the house that permits better signal reception.

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