Where Are Instructions on How to Clean a BUNN Coffee Maker?


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Instructions on how to clean a Bunn coffee maker can be found on the official Bunn website. The website features a blog with cleaning tips, a series of cleaning instruction videos, and a question-and-answer section for specific cleaning advice.

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The official Bunn website advises users of their coffee makers to perform a deep clean routinely. Doing this ensures the minerals and impurities contained in water don't accumulate in the machine. If minerals and impurities are allowed to gather, they can result in the coffee tasting off or even reduce the life span of the coffee maker. A deep clean is recommended once every three months according to the Bunn official website.

A deep clean of a Bunn coffee maker involves cleaning the spray head, the spray head tube and the interior of the machine. Four cups of vinegar, a toothpick, a de-liming tool, mild detergent and a soft cloth are required when cleaning a Bunn coffee maker.

First, the vinegar needs to be run through the machine until the carafe is full. Once the carafe is full, it needs to be emptied, and the machine needs to sit for at least two hours. After two hours, the spray head can be cleaned with the toothpick and the spray tube with the de-liming tool. The deep clean is finished by cycling at least three carafes of fresh water through the system.

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