Who Installs Lowes Heat Pumps?


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Lowe's offers HVAC installation services in many areas, but homeowners can also hire an independent HVAC installer. HVAC installers are typically insured, but hiring someone who works with a major store may provide a more robust guarantee.

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The cost of installing a heat pump typically ranges from $2,500 to more than $7,000 dollars, and this price largely depends on the size of the home. While some homeowners may want to try to install their own systems, many regions require that experts complete the installation. In addition, expert installation can result in less money being spent in the long term. Since Lowe's contracted installers often have extensive experience with the heat pumps Lowe's sells, they may be able to perform work faster than an independent installer, which leads to lower installation costs.

Heat pumps that are installed incorrectly may still work but waste energy. In addition to needing unobstructed air flow, heat pumps must also be wired properly to prevent wasting electricity. Improper placement can also interfere the heat pump's ability to move heat into and out of the home, and improper placement of in-ground units can lead to poor performance. While it might be difficult to notice these inefficiencies on monthly electrical bills, they can cost a significant amount of money over time.

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