What Are Installed Granite Countertops?


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Granite is a hard rock commonly used for kitchen countertops. Granite comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and contractors can install the material with different finishes.

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Interlocking mineral crystals, typically quartz and feldspar, make up the rock granite. Miners blast, chisel or drill granite out of quarries. Depending on the grade of granite, these slabs can be used to construct kitchen countertops. Contractors can install granite as a whole slab or as a series of tiles for the countertop. Granite countertops are considered durable and easy to clean.

Because an array of minerals help make up granite, the material comes in many different colors. Granite can be black and white, feature neutral colors or even show bold colors such as red or green, though those are less common. Granite slabs used for countertops also comes in solid, speckled or marbled patterns.

Contractors can finish granite with a gloss finish, which makes the material shiny and easy to clean. Honed granite features a matte finish, which can mask any imperfections in the stone. Contractors also have different ways for finishing the edge. An eased edge is a simple 90-degree angle. Bullnose and beveled edges feature a rounded edge. More decorative edges are also available, though they increase the price.

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