What Is the Installation Process for a Corrugated Roof?


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Installation of a corrugated roof involves determining the number of sheets to lay, laying tar paper on the roof, mounting corrugated sheets over the tar paper, and installing corrugated ridge roofing. Required tools include a ladder, tar paper, a drill, screws and waterproof washers.

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Measure the length and breadth of the roof, multiply the numbers, multiply the result by 2 to get the square footage, and divide the square footage by 18 to determine the number of sheets needed. Replace the old tar paper with a new one, overlapping the roof by 4 inches. Staple the overlaps on the wood.

Roll the first row of the roofing, starting at the bottom of each side and progressing toward the ridge. Drill pilot holes onto the dips of the sheets, taking care not to drill the ridge, and secure the row into place with waterproof washers and screws, placing them 6 inches apart. Be sure to install one sheet at a time, to space the screws on the edge by 3 inches and to overlap the sheets by more than 4 inches. Let the sheets overhang on all sides by 2 inches.

Lay the next row, making sure its bottom is above the top of the last row to aid in preventing water leaks, and fix it in place with screws. Building toward the ridge, take care not to lay the sheets past the ridge line. Install a special corrugated ridge roofing on the ridge, overlapping the corrugated metal sheets, and secure it with screws.

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