What are some installation instructions for vinyl fencing?


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To install vinyl fencing, dig the post holes, position the posts, attach the fence panels to the poles, install any accessories, and finish the project by installing a gate. Prior to installation, consult with neighbors and local authorities about property limits, underground utilities, easements and fence style, and apply for building permits before starting the project. Make correct measurements to determine the necessary panels and posts. Determine if the ground is flat or sloped to apply the right installation method.

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Define the fence position by setting stakes along the fence path. Mark the corner posts and gate position. Determine line post alignment by tying a string around the stakes.

Position stakes were the line posts go by marking the length of the panels from the center of each corner post, along the string. Place 5-inch by 5-inch posts 73 1/4 inches apart for 6-foot panels. Place 4-inch by 4-inch posts 96 inches apart for 8-foot panels.

Consult local authorities about how deep the posts must go. Add 6 inches more to the allowed depth, and add another 6 inches to gateposts and terminal posts for added strength. Dig post holes to a diameter of 10 inches. Fill the bottom 6 inches with gravel.

Starting with the end and corner posts, apply concrete to the post holes and set the posts slowly to allow the concrete to fill the center. Level the posts, and fill them from the top with concrete. Check for alignment, and let the concrete set.

Install rail brackets as instructed by the manufacturer, and slide in the panels. Use vinyl adhesive to install decorative accessories.

Make sure the space allocated between posts to install the gates is 1 1/4 inches wider than the gates, and allocate a hardware clearance of 5/8 inch.

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