What Are the Installation Instructions for a GE Over-the-Range Microwave Oven?

The installation instructions for a GE over-the-range microwave vary based on the venting method, which can be vertical, horizontal or non-vented. Non-vented models with AC adapters are the easiest to install. The manuals for over-the-range microwaves contain templates for the wall and top cabinet to simplify the process of installation.

On the wall behind the microwave opening, find and mark vertical lines along the center of the studs. Draw another vertical line marking the center of the cabinet above the oven. Position the mounting plate on the wall, and mark the holes for the screws along the stud lines. Pre-drill holes for the wood screws or toggle bolts.

Reposition the mounting plate over the drilled holes, and secure it to the studs with wood screws. If needed, toggle bolts can be used to attach the plate to the wall, but at least one spot must be secured to a stud. Tape the template included with the manual to the bottom of the cabinet above the microwave. Drill the holes as marked on the paper.

Carefully, remove the microwave from the box, and place it in an upright position. With a helper, lift the microwave into position, and thread the power cord through the hole in the cabinet. Tilt the oven forward, and hook the slots located along the back bottom edge of the oven onto the tabs located on the mounting plate. Attach the microwave to the top cabinet with screws inserted from inside the cabinet. Install any filters, and then plug in the power cord.