How Does the Installation Cost of a Gas Heater Compare With Electric Heater Installation?

installation-cost-gas-heater-compare-electric-heater-installation Credit: Nico Nelson/CC-BY 2.0

Gas heaters of all types need access to a gas line, which often leads to higher installation costs. Gas heating units are often more expensive than their electrical counterparts, but they may cost less to run.

Gas lines can be expensive to run, so those installing gas-powered devices in new areas often have to pay to have a gas line installed. Even existing lines may require expert help; incompatible connections and differing heights may require extra work. Electrical lines are generally easier to work with, and most areas of newer homes have electrical plugs available. One exception to this is electrical dryers, which typically require a 220-volt connection.

Gas units also generally cost more than similar electrical units, but the difference in price is often small. A gas-powered water heater, for example, generally costs about $50 more than a comparable electrical unit as of 2015. The operating cost of devices that use natural gas, however, is generally lower, and the expected stability of the natural gas market makes them a wise investment even if they cost significantly more. However, not all regions provide access to a gas line, and those living in some areas may have to rely on bottled propane or natural gas.