How Do You Install a Zing Ear Electrical Switch?

To install a Zing Ear electrical switch, identify the hot wire or conductor, then proceed to install the switch. The hot wire is the red wire in automotive electrical, and it is the black wire in home electrical. Unplug the device, and open up the switch by removing the small machine screw in the center.

Zing Ear electrical switches are used to control any electrical device or as a replacement part inside a fan or lamp. A pull-chain switch such as a Zing Ear electrical switch uses a chain to open and close the circuit. Most ceiling lights in cold attics and cellars contain Zing Ear electrical switches. Installing a new pull-chain switch is easy once you identify the hot conductor. You can use a non-contact voltage detector to determine which wire is carrying electric current, by holding the tip of the sensor to each wire.

Switch off power for the device at the source. Confirm the power is off by holding a non-contact voltage detector connected to the insulation of the wire. Cut the hot conductor using wire cutters in the location you want to install the switch. Use wire strippers to strip 3/8 inches of the insulator material off the end of each cut wire. Use pliers to twist together one of the hot wires to the device with the black wires from the pull-chain switch.

Wrap the connection with electrical tape, and install a twist-on wire connector on top to provide additional protection. Wrap the other black wire from the pull-chain switch with the remaining hot wire on the device. Install a twist-on wire connector on top, and wrap the connection with electrical tape to provide additional protection.