How Do You Install Yard Sprinklers in Your Lawn?


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To install yard sprinklers, first develop a plan that covers all the zones of your yard. Before digging into the soil, place the sprinklers where you planned for them to go to be sure you take all obstacles into account. Place the sprinkler controller in a place that is easy to access. Install the lines and sprinkler heads once you are sure the layout is optimal.

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After you install the controller, place the valve box in a place that is easy to access for repairs. Connect the valves to the appropriate main lines. Create trenches for all the lines and place the fittings for the sprinklers as you install the lines. Install vents to drain the system for yards in areas with cold winters. After you test the lines, line the trenches with sand or pea gravel.

The zones of your yard are determined based on the soil types, plant materials and weather conditions of your yard. Areas of the yard that receive more shade may need less water than areas that get direct sunlight. Design the sprinkler system with this in mind, and remember that the supply of water to the system has to have enough pressure to pop the sprinkler heads up above the ground when turned on.

Buy a sprinkler system with all the parts made by the same company because many systems are not compatible with different systems. Go through all the instructions before installing to ensure you have everything you need to set it up properly. Install a water supply with a back-flow preventer so that the sprinkler water does not return to the water supply for the house.

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