How Do You Install Wooden Decking?

How Do You Install Wooden Decking?

Homeowners can install wood decking by nailing the first board along the house wall and working outwards. It is also necessary to use spacers between each board and stop periodically to check that the boards are straight. Tools needed for the job include a hammer, 3.5-inch galvanized wood nails, spacers, flat bar, measuring tape and a saw.

The final part of building a deck is to put in the deck boards. While this may seem like an easy step, it requires attention to detail for good results.

  1. Cut and nail the first board
  2. Lay the first board against the home wall with the wood grain arch facing upwards. Trace along it with a pencil to mark the natural outcroppings and geography of the wall. Trim the board to fit neatly against the wall sheathing. Nail the board into place with two nails at every deck joist. Trim the ends of the board to the desired length for the deck.

  3. Place the next boards
  4. Use a wood nail as a spacer when placing the next few deck boards. Continue nailing along the joists. Don't bother trimming the ends of these boards. Wait until the entire deck is finished to trim the ends to meet the first board.

  5. Checking for straightness
  6. Check periodically with the tape measure that the boards are straight. Use the flat bar to force a piece of wood deck back before nailing it into place if the boards are getting askew. Make sure to stagger the joints where two ends of decking meet in a row on longer decks.

  7. Finishing up
  8. Cut the last board to fit on the end of the deck, if necessary. Mark a cutting line on the board ends to match the first board. Cut the ends down to match.