How Do You Install a Wood Stove?

How Do You Install a Wood Stove?

Install a wood stove by choosing a central location, fireproofing the surroundings and installing a chimney. Wood offers an economical heating solution in many situations, but it requires the use of precautions to ensure the safety of home occupants.

  1. Find a central location

    Installing a wood stove often requires a lot of space. To provide the greatest benefit, the stove should be centrally located so the heat radiates through the home naturally.

  2. Fireproof the surroundings

    You must place the wood stove on an Underwriters Laboratory approved fireproof surface. For safety, the stove should have a minimum clearance of 12 inches from any fireproof walls. If the walls are not fireproof, the minimum clearance is 36 inches. To reduce the clearance, consider installing fireproof covers over any walls near the wood stove.

  3. Install the chimney

    Wood stoves require a chimney for smoke to escape. The choices for installing chimneys are a UL approved stainless steel chimney or a lined masonry one. The stove attaches to the chimney using a stove pipe. The pipe should be at least 18 inches from the wall, unless you install heat shields on it. The chimney should extend through the wall so the stove pipe attaches without contacting flammable materials. Reducing the number of bends in the pipe improves the draft of the chimney.