How Do You Install a Wood Screen Door?


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Collect the necessary materials to install a wood screen door, including the door, three hinges, two doorknobs, the screen fabric and a latch. Measure the door frame precisely before ordering or building the door. It is possible to trim down a door that is too large, but it is not possible to add to a door that is too small.

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When installing the door, double-check the frame measurements, and trim down the screen door as necessary. The trimmed size must account for space taken up by the hinges, so measure those as well. Appropriate tools for trimming include a wood rasp, a file, a circular saw and a block pane.

Next, install the hinges flush with the wall. Although hinge spacing can vary, builders typically place one hinge 7 inches from the top and another 11 inches from the bottom of the door. Place the middle hinge equidistant between the top and bottom hinges. Pre-drill the screw holes to avoid splitting the wood.

After attaching the door to the hinges, check the measurements again to ensure that the door swings naturally and is unobstructed. Attach the inner and outer door handles and the locking mechanism as instructed by the manufacturer. Finally, install the door's screen material, fitting the fabric into the door's grooves.

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