How Do You Install Wood Ceiling Planks?

How Do You Install Wood Ceiling Planks?

Install wood ceiling planks by marking ceiling joists, measuring and cutting tongue and groove planks to length, securing planks to the ceiling with adhesive and nails, and finishing and trimming each panel. Use a jig saw to customize pieces that may need to fit around obstructions.

First, prepare for installation by using a stud finder to locate ceiling joists. Mark all studs with chalk lines. Measure the length of the ceiling every 12 inches to determine how long the planks should be.

Set the length for each plank and make a number of cuts at a miter saw work station. Cut each board and set aside. If you have an angle in a recessed panel in your ceiling, measure it with a bevel gauge. Cut the appropriate angle into one or more planks as necessary.

Secure planks to the ceiling using a construction panel adhesive with a caulking gun. To distribute the adhesive evenly, set the plank in place and then pull it slightly back from the ceiling before pushing it back into place. Use a nail gun to secure the plank into the joist. Repeat for each plank.

When you reach the final piece, measure the gap to determine the correct size for the final piece and cut as necessary. Rip away the top lip of the groove and set it in position using adhesive and a few nails. Install trim around the outside of each panel to cover any small gaps in construction.