How Do You Install Wood Ceiling Panels?


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To install wooden panels on the ceiling, first turn off power to the overhead light and remove any fixtures on the ceiling. Locate the ceiling joists with a stud finder, and mark the joists with a chalk line. Install the planks perpendicular to the ceiling joists using adhesive, and hammer two finishing nails into each end of the plank.

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Allow 1/4 inch between the panels and the wall on all sides of the room to ensure the wood can contract and expand. When nailing the panels to the ceiling, use nails that extend into the ceiling joists. If the ceiling panels are tongue-and-groove, install the first plank, apply adhesive to the second plank, fit the second plank onto the fasteners of the first plank, and nail the second plank into place.

To ensure the adhesive secures the planks to the ceiling, apply an S-shaped bead of adhesive along the back of the plank and then set the plank into place on the ceiling. Immediately pull the plank off the ceiling slightly, and press it back into place.

At the end of the row, measure the space from the end of the previous plank to the expansion gap, and cut the panel to fit the space. Install the plank, and use the leftover plank to begin the next row.

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