How Do You Install a Wood Burning Stove?

How Do You Install a Wood Burning Stove?

Wood-burning stoves operate at high temperatures. Care must be taken during installation to prevent possible damage to surrounding structures. The stove should be located in a suitable spot with non-combustible surroundings. A chimney must be installed to remove smoke.

  1. Locate the stove in a suitable spot

    Though a wood-burning stove puts out a lot of heat, it must be centrally located to heat all areas of the home. You are going to be carrying wood in to the stove quite often, so placing the stove near an outside door is a good idea. It also makes the removal of ashes an easier task.

  2. Fire proof the surrounding areas

    Wood-burning stoves should be 12 inches from any non-combustible walls and 36 inches away from combustible materials. If necessary, 28-gauge sheet metal can be installed on the walls if necessary. Place the stove on top of non-combustible material such as ceramic tile, a concrete slab or prefabricated stove boards.

  3. Install a chimney

    A chimney is necessary to allow the smoke produced by the wood-burning stove to exit the home. The chimney should be vertical and straight and extend at least 2 feet above anything within 10 feet on the roof. Install a cap to protect the chimney from wildlife.