How Do You Install a Wood-Burning Furnace?


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A wood-burning furnace is installed by selecting a suitable location in non-combustible surroundings, installing a vertical chimney, mounting the furnace and screwing the ductwork collector to its outtake. The chimney is then assembled, and the wiring harnesses of any internal blowers are connected to an outlet, as eHow explains.

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Wood-burning furnaces are preferably located in a central position so that heat can circulate to the adjacent rooms. The installer should ensure that the surrounding walls and floor are non-combustible and that the stove is at least 12 inches away from a wall, according to HowStuffWorks.

The chimney for the furnace should use masonry or UL-approved insulated materials. Ideally, it is kept straight and extends 2 feet above anything that lies within 10 feet horizontally of its highest position. The chimney should have a cap to prevent small animals and birds from entering it.

After all the decisions and plans are made, it is time to mount the furnace in the chosen location. The next step is to screw the ductwork collector into the outtake of the furnace. Finally, the installer needs to assemble the chimney or exhaust pipe, and if there are any internal blowers, the wiring harnesses need to be connected to a power outlet.

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