What Are the Steps to Install a Wood Burning Furnace?


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Preparing the chimney, attaching and connecting the stovepipe, and putting the wood stove in a safe place are the three parts of installing a wood furnace. With a masonry fireplace, the installation process does not require boring through the roof with a separate chimney.

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To prepare the chimney, run a stainless steel pipe up to the top, using a pipe with the same diameter as the wood stove's flue collar. If this is not practical, it is acceptable to run flexible stainless steel tubing up as far as the first flue tile above the damper in the chimney. Use a metal plan and furnace cement to seal the area beneath the damper. Place a spark-arresting cap on top of the chimney for fire safety.

Choose the place for the wood stove. If it does not fit inside the fireplace, set it in front, as long as the floor beneath it would be a bare concrete slab, ceramic tile, slate or marble with cement beneath, or a UL approved stove mat or board. A wooden floor is likely to combust with a wood furnace on top of it. The wood stove's manual indicates the minimum diameter for a non-combustible surface around the stove.

Connect the stovepipe to the wood furnace and to the piping running up the chimney. Follow the directions for the stovepipe for the exact connection process. Remember that stove pipe must be at least 18 inches away from a combustible wall, ceiling or piece of furniture. The stove pipe should be tight and rigid when installation is complete.

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