How Do You Install a Wood Beadboard Ceiling?


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To install a wood beadboard ceiling, begin by measuring the number of strips needed to cover the area. Cut the beadboard to length and nail in the first board. Add the rest of the boards to complete the ceiling.

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When purchasing the beadboard, add 10 percent of the desired length to account for mistakes. Then, begin cutting the board to the desired length. Remember to leave a quarter-inch gap around the perimeter of the ceiling to allow the wood to expand.

  1. Trim the first board
  2. Using a jigsaw, cut the first board to size. Measure and cut the rest of the boards.

  3. Cut off the grooved edge
  4. Cut off the grooved edge of the first board using a jigsaw. This allows for a tongue to use to attach the board.

  5. Nail in the first board
  6. After cutting all the boards to size, nail in the first board using a pneumatic gun and two-inch finishing nails. Position the nails 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch from the outer edge.

  7. Nail in the rest of the boards
  8. Toenail the rest of the boards into place by using one or two nails at the end of the board, leaving the option for adjustment before securing the boards to the ceiling.

  9. Put up the trim
  10. After securing all the beadboards in place, tack up the trim, placing a finishing nail every 12 to 16 inches. Be sure to nail the trim into the beadboard, not the wall.

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