How Do You Install a Wireless Light Control Switch?

To install a wireless light control switch, connect the receiver, install a plastic box around the receiver and mount the control switch anywhere in the room. Ideally, use a wireless switch kit that is self powered to avoid the hassle of dead batteries.

Wireless light control switches are handy for adapting old pull-chain light fixtures. To install a wireless switch kit, run through the following steps.

  1. Turn off the power
  2. Before working, shut off the power to the room.

  3. Connect the receiver
  4. Remove the light fixture from the ceiling. disconnect the black and white wires running between the wiring and the fixture and connect these to a relay. Connect the relay to the black and white wires on the receiver. Hook up the red and white wires on the relay and receiver to the fixture.

  5. Cover the receiver with a plastic box
  6. Replace the metal box around the original fixture wiring with a plastic box or enclose the receiver wiring in a plastic box and mount it near the original fixture. Replace the fixture.

  7. Install the switch
  8. Mount the control switch anywhere in the room. As it does not require a switch box to control the light, it does not need to go in a specific location.