How Do You Install a Wireless Door Chime?


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To install a wireless door chime, get to know the selected door chime in order to choose the appropriate battery and mounting hardware. When the proper tools and materials have been gathered, insert the battery into the wireless door chime, and power the device on. Sync the door chime with the push button. If the device allows, choose the chime tone. Secure the mounting hardware by the door, and then install the chime and push button.

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Wireless door chimes typically require small batteries to function. Make sure to only select a battery compatible with the door chime device. There are several different types of mounting hardware that securely fasten with screws or adhesive. To ensure a lasting bond, use mounting tape for additional support to the mounting hardware.

Wireless door chimes that allow users to select the chime tone have multiple buttons, either on top or on the back of the device. One of these buttons selects the tone of the chime, while the other syncs the button and the chime. Door chimes typically include either a legend for button descriptions or on-device labels.

Some wireless door chimes have a transmitter and receiving device that goes inside the home. This receiver gets a signal from the device, and the chime goes off inside. If the chime has this, power the transmitter and receiver as well, making sure that they are within range of each other. If they are not within range of each other, the wireless door chime does not sound when the push button is pressed.

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