How Do You Install a Wireless Ceiling Light?


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To install a wireless ceiling light, attach a mounting bracket to the ceiling, insert the light and screw it in place. The supplies required for this 15-minute procedure include a wireless ceiling light, a mounting bracket, spare batteries, screws, a screwdriver and a stepladder.

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How Do You Install a Wireless Ceiling Light?
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  1. Prepare the location

    Choose the light's location, and place a stepladder beneath it.

  2. Attach the mounting bracket

    Attach the mounting bracket according to the manufacturer's instructions. Try to wiggle the bracket after you install it. Tighten the screws if the hardware is loose.

  3. Check the batteries

    Open the light's battery compartment, and insert batteries if it is empty. If the batteries are already in place, test them by activating the light. Some wireless ceiling lights have a power switch. If your light has one, flip it to the "on" position. This is also a convenient time to check the battery compartment on the light's remote control.

  4. Mount the light

    Connect the light to the mounting bracket, and secure it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Test the connection by pulling on and wiggling the light, and tighten the mounting until the light is firmly attached to the bracket.

  5. Test the mounted light

    Activate motion-sensitive lights by walking around the room, and test remote-controlled lights by manipulating the controller. To test a sound-activated light, clap your hands loudly.

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