How Do You Install Window Well Security Covers?


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Install window well security covers by measuring the width and depth of the well, choosing the design and style that meets your needs, and marking the cover at the appropriate points along the sides. Drill holes into the cover or place security latches on certain models, and connect the cover to the well walls to fasten it into place.

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Begin by taking full measurements of the open area of the window well, including the width at the front and back if the well curves as it moves away from the home. Use these measurements to determine the minimum size of security cover necessary to seal the well, as exposed areas compromise the covering and reduce effectiveness. Browse through the available styles of security coverings to locate one that not only meets the size specifications but matches your personal preferences and security needs. Some retailers sell premade plastic or metal grate coverings, while others make custom items according your measurements.

Place the cover rig over the well to make sure it fits properly, and then make a mark on the covering to denote where it touches the well. On plastic models, place it over a piece of scrap wood and drill a hole through the material so that you may attach the accompanying locking mechanism. Metal coverings may only require snapping or screwing the mechanism onto an open area. Attach the other end of the locking mechanism to the window well, and snap the covering into place.

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