How Do You Install Window Tint?

How Do You Install Window Tint?

To install window tint, clean the glass, cut the film, spray the film with a dilute soap solution, apply the film, and trim to fit. Keep the film clean with a streak-free window cleaner and microfiber cloth. Enlist a helper for large windows.

  1. Clean the glass

    Spray the window with a streak-free glass cleaner, and use a microfiber cloth to clean and polish the glass. Make sure all corners are clean. Repeat as necessary until the glass is clean and free of streaks.

  2. Cut the film

    Measure the window, and add 1 inch to all sides. Lay the film on a flat surface, and use sharp scissors to cut it. Use transparent tape to separate the film from the backing.

  3. Spray the film

    Fill a household spray bottle with water, and add 8 drops of baby shampoo or other mild soap. Shake the bottle to mix. Spray the film with the solution to wet it thoroughly.

  4. Apply the film

    Position the film on the glass so that it overlaps on all four sides. Have another person help with large windows. Spray the exposed surface with the sprayer. Use a plastic credit card and squeegee to move any air bubbles to the side and eliminate them. Use a razor blade to trim the film to fit the window.