How Do You Install a Window in Your Shower?


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Installing a window in a shower involves selecting a suitable installation location, making and attaching the window frame on the window opening, and screwing the window onto the frame. Painting the window frame completes the process. Be sure to obtain a window featuring a design that complements the shower's decoration.

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To choose a suitable installation location, select an area just below the ceiling. Then, hire a mason to create a window opening in case the shower doesn't have one. Be sure the mason makes an opening that suits the size of the window you intend to install. To make a window frame, measure the dimensions of the window opening with a tape measure, cut 2- by 4-inch lumber to the dimensions, and attach the pieces into the frame with nails.

To install the frame, place it in the window opening, and use a drill to make mounting holes through the frame into the wall. Drive a screw into each of the holes with a screwdriver to attach the frame in place. Seal the space around the frame with silicone caulk.

Next, place the window in the frame, even it with a level, and secure it to the frame with screws. Apply the caulk to seal the edges of the window before attaching a window trim as needed. Finally, smooth the frame surface and the caulk around it with sandpaper, apply primer to the surface, and allow the primer to dry before painting the surface.

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