How Do You Install Window Drape Hardware?


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To install window drape hardware, decide on the hanging location of the rod you're using to hang the drapes. Mark the location of the brackets on each end of the rod. Drill pilot holes in the wall, and screw the rod brackets in place.

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The curtain rod must be long enough and sturdy enough to hold the drapes in place. If you attach the rod to the window frame, use the frame as a guide for the length. If you prefer to mount the brackets to the wall, you can decide how far outside the window frame to attach the hardware. Mounting the brackets several inches wider than the frame makes the window look wider.

Slide the drapes onto the rod to help with the placement. This helps you decide how wide and how high to mount the rod. When you find the placement you like, mark the location of the brackets. Use a level to check the rod. Use a measuring tape to ensure you place the brackets the same distance from the frame on each side.

Fill in the holes on the bracket using a pencil to mark the exact location. Drill pilot holes smaller than the screws. If the holes don't go into studs, use anchors to support the weight. Hold the brackets up to the pilot holes. Secure the brackets with screws.

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