How Do You Install a Window?


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The process for installing a window includes measuring the space of the window frame, removing the old window sashes, and installing the new window pane. The necessary tools for installing a window are a hammer, levels, utility knife, measuring tape and a caulk gun.

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How Do You Install a Window?
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Measure the window frame for the new window. Measure the width of the frame from one side to the other. It is best to take three width measurements at the top, middle and the bottom of the frame, and then use the smallest width to determine the size of the glass.

Next, remove the old sashes from the window frame by taking off the top inside piece of the window frame. Be careful when removing the frame pieces, since you must reuse them for the new window. After exposing the old window sash, either cut the sash cord if the old window used weights, or simply remove the wood sash pieces. Remove the outside sash in the same way and clean any leftover sash debris from the window frame.

Install the new window sill, top and bottom sashes, and header into the window frame using the caulking gun. Check that all the components are level using the levels before caulking them in place. Put the new window pane into place in the frame and install the mounting screws into the top and bottom of the frame to hold the window in place. Install new window sashes.

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