How Do You Install a Whirlpool Washer?


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To install a Whirlpool dishwasher, choose the right location for the washing machine and set the machine in place. Then connect washing machine hoses from the water sources and hook the drain line to the back of the machine and the drain.

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Many appliance stores offer free delivery and installation with purchase. However, most people can install washing machines on their own. Connect the hot and cold water sources to the hot and cold water intake holes on the back of the washing machine with washing machine hoses. The sources should be labeled on the back of the machine, making it easy to keep track. If desired, choose hoses that are red and blue to make it easier to manage. Use a wrench to complete the tightening process at both ends of both hoses.

Depending on the model, the drain connection may already be installed on the rear of the Whirlpool washing machine. If this is true, just slide the hooked or barbed end of the drain pipe into the drain, which should be between the hot and cold water spigots on the wall, and connect the other end to the dryer. Plug the washing machine in, slide it into position and start that first load.

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