How Do You Install a Whirlpool Oven?


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Install a Whirlpool oven by removing the oven door from the hinges and connecting the black, red and white wires on the unit to the similar-colored wires on the conduit. Push the oven into position in the cabinet, and then assemble the door and racks.

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Before installing the Whirlpool oven, shut off power to the unit using the breaker box. Take the oven out of its packing case, open the oven door, and pull the door from the hinges. Also, remove the trim screws on either sides of the oven, and slide the trim down and off the sides.

Next, connect the black, red and white wires on the oven to similar-colored wires on the conduit. Twist the ends of the wires in the wire nuts. Lift the oven, and push it into position without pinching the electrical wires. Remove the packing legs on the bottom front of the unit with a screw driver, and position the oven in the cabinet.

Assemble the oven frame, racks and trim, and reattach the screws. Align the door latches with the bottom of the oven door, slide the door back onto the door latches, and close it. Switch on power to the oven, and check the unit to make sure it is properly installed.

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