How Do You Install Whirlpool Bathtubs?


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To install Whirlpool bathtubs, start with a level floor that has the proper structural support to hold the bathtub. Add framing to the area and set the tub into it. Check that the tub is level and use shims where it is not level. Secure the tub to the framework and the Sheetrock nailing flange. Properly connect any wiring and plumbing, clean the area and run the tub to test the jets. Sheetrock the framework and paint or tile it.

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If your floor is uneven, the bathtub is not able to drain properly, causing the jets to eventually lose functionality. Make the floor level and ensure it holds up to 150 pounds per square foot. When installing framework, add supports for the entire length of the tub's bottom and rim. Create an access panel that is 18 by 18 inches to allow you access to the pump or motor for any future maintenance, as well as to provide ventilation.

Follow the manufacturer's directions or the terminal compartment diagram for connecting the wiring. If you don't follow directions, you risk voiding the warranty. Ensure the bathtub is grounded, in case of electrical shock. Consider hiring an electrician to follow proper procedures. Once connected, clean all debris from the tub and fill it to check for leaks. Seal the area properly, and if you plan to tile, ensure that the floor is able to support the extra weight of the tile.

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