How Do You Install a Westinghouse Gas Range?


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Prepare the area where the gas range is to be placed. Install the range by attaching it to the proper connectors. Make sure that there are no leaks in the flex hose. Place the range in the desired location.

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Setup a work area, and make sure it has the necessary utility connections. A gas line containing a range-quality valve and a 110-volt outlet is required. Verify that the electrical outlet is grounded by using an electrical ground tester. If these conditions are not present, contact a licensed professional and have them install these features. Use a dolly to move the gas range to its designated location.

Ensure that the flex hose reaches the connector in the back. Apply a Type T2 pipe joint to the end of the flex hose, and use two wrenches when attaching it to the connector. The soap water should travel to the end of the hose connected to the range and valve. Turn on the gas valve, and make sure that no bubbles emerge. If there are bubbles, it means there is a leak, so the flex hose needs to be tightened to the connector again.

When there are no leaks present, use the dolly to slowly back the range into place. Make sure there is little to no pressure applied to the flex hose. Light each burner to verify that they all work properly.

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