How Do You Install a Well Pump?

Install a well pump by first purchasing a new pump and reviewing the manufacturer's directions. Assemble the components of the new pump and sanitize the pump before slowly lowering the pump into the well.

After purchasing a new well pump, be sure to thoroughly read through the manufacturer's instructions regarding usage, installation and safety. Use the steps below to complete the process.

  1. Purchase a new pump
  2. If replacing an existing pump, try to purchase the exact model as the one that needs replacing. When buying any pump, look for one with a strong warranty that is made with the finest parts to ensure the pump lasts for many years.

  3. Assemble the pump
  4. Assemble the pump according to the directions. Make sure to splice the wires correctly, if necessary.

  5. Test the pump
  6. Test the pump by turning it on and letting it run for a few seconds.

  7. Insert the pump into the well
  8. With help from another person, insert the working pump into the well. Have one person lower the pump into the well while the other person feeds slack, preventing the pump from dropping too quickly.

  9. Sanitize the well
  10. Pour one cup of bleach into the well and slowly lower the pump into the well casing. Take care to make sure the wire casing and pipe do not get caught on the top of the well.

  11. Attach the wires
  12. Slowly feed the electrical wires though the well cap and secure the cap in place. Secure any above-ground connections.