How Do You Install Weeping Tiles?

How Do You Install Weeping Tiles?

Install exterior weeping tile by digging a trench, pouring the gravel, laying the pipe and backfilling the trench. Install interior weeping tile by cutting through the concrete and digging a trench. Finish by pouring gravel, laying the pipe and replacing the concrete floor.

Weeping tiles work by discharging underground water, and although they were once terracotta tiles modern homes feature pipes placed under the house, usually at the basement level.

Most homeowners try the exterior weeping tile method before moving onto the interior method if the exterior weeping tiles fail to keep water out of the basement. Try the exterior method first by following the steps listed below.

  1. Dig a trench
  2. Dig a 12-inch-wide trench around the entire perimeter of the home. Make sure it slopes one inch for every eight feet it travels. Relocate plants and shrubs and determine where the excavated soil can do the most good in the garden.

  3. Pour the gravel
  4. Pour two to three inches of washed gravel in the bottom of the trench. Use gravel rocks that are less than one inch in diameter.

  5. Lay the pipe
  6. Use rigid PVC pipe with predrilled holes for easy maintenance. Wrapping the pipe with landscape fabric keeps it clean.

  7. Back-fill the trench
  8. Cover the trench with gravel or a combination of sand and gravel.

Installing interior weeping tile is a little more difficult, as it requires removing cement from the home's foundation. Follow the steps below to install interior weeping tile.

  1. Cut through the concrete
  2. Cut through the concrete, making a 12-inch-wide opening around the entire foundation.

  3. Dig a trench
  4. Dig a trench around the entire foundation. Make sure the trench is at least one foot deep.

  5. Pour the gravel into the trench
  6. Add enough gravel to the trench to fill the bottom.

  7. Lay the pipe
  8. Use a fabric-covered PVC pipe with predrilled holes. Place the slits upward.

  9. Backfill the trench
  10. Fill in the trench with gravel. Let it settle for 24 hours.

  11. Pour the concrete
  12. Pour the concrete and smooth it with a trowel.