How Do You Install Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Torsion Springs?


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According to Wayne Dalton, the safest and most effective way to install the TorqueMaster torsion springs is to call one of its professional installers to complete the job. However, the company does provide full installation details in its user guides, as of August 2015.

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Before attempting to install the torsion springs, the installers should read the safety instructions thoroughly and ensure they are familiar with all the working parts of the door.

Once the garage door is in place and secured, place the spring tube on the floor inside the garage with the labeled end on the left. Slide the center bracket assembly onto the tube from the right. Gently shake the spring tube to extend the winding shafts; they should extend to around 5 inches on each side. Lift the tube and place it so that it is resting on the flagangles. Continue by placing the cable drums over the winding shafts so that the splines and the grove are exposed at both ends, aligning the groove with the round notch found in the flagangle. Proceed by lubricating the drive gear and placing it on the winding shaft splines. Complete the right side first, suggests Wayne Dalton. Once the torsion springs are in place, securely fasten the end brackets, and install and align the counter gears.

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