How Do You Install Wayne Dalton Replacement Panels on Your Garage?

Install Wayne Dalton replacement panels on your garage by removing the old panels and connecting the replacement panels to the rest of the garage door. Wayne Dalton replacement panels only work with Wayne Dalton garage doors; they do not fit doors from other manufacturers.

Prevent electrical hazards by first disconnecting your garage door opener from its power supply. With the garage door in the up position, remove the door's springs to take any tension off of the door panels, and then manually lower the door into the down position.

Make room for removing the damaged panel by removing the row of panels above it. Alternatively, you can use a heavy-duty hand ratchet called a come-a-long to spread the panels apart. Once you create enough space to remove the panel, unscrew it from the hinges holding it to the garage door frame, and pull the panel away from the rest of the door.

Slide the new Wayne Dalton panel into place, and screw it into the door hinges. If you removed the upper row of panels, replace them after putting the new panel in place. If you used a come-a-long, ratchet it back, allowing the panels to settle back into place. Manually lift the door into the up position, replace the springs and reconnect the power supply to complete the repair.