How Do You Install Waterproof Wall Panels?

How Do You Install Waterproof Wall Panels?

To install waterproof wall panels, measure the space, find the studs, cut the panels to fit along the studs, drill and screw the panels into the studs and fill in the screw heads. To glue on wall panels, apply adhesive to the backs of the panels and smooth them out along the walls.

Waterproof wall panels are good options for keeping moisture away from bathroom walls. To install panels, run through the following steps.

  1. Remove fixtures
  2. Remove fixtures such as faucets and taps.

  3. Measure the space
  4. Measure the length and height of each wall. Mark out fixtures, plumbing connections, sinks and tubs.

  5. Find the studs (optional)
  6. Find studs in the walls with a stud finder.

  7. Cut out the panels
  8. For adhesive panels, cut out the panels to fit around the available wall space. Be sure to cut out holes for fixtures and to make room for sinks and tubs. For screw-in panels, measure and cut the panels to fit along the studs. Each panel should attach to studs along the sides.

  9. Install the panels
  10. For adhesive panels, spread adhesive along the backs of the panels and carefully line them up with the wall. Press the panels onto the wall to secure them. For screw-on panels, line the panels up with studs and drill through both the panels and the studs. Secure the panels to the walls with screws.

  11. Fill in the screws and gaps (optional)
  12. For screw-on panels, use spackle to fill in the screws, seal the gaps between panels with drywall tape and then paint over the panels.

  13. Apply caulking
  14. Seal the edges of the panels with caulking. Apply caulking around fixtures.