How Do You Install a Water Well?


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To install a shallow water well by yourself, first make sure that the land you plan on drilling on is relatively flat and free of rocks, and then modify a PVC schedule-40 pipe into a drill bit to get started. Being familiar with the techniques used by professional well-drilling companies can help when installing homemade water wells.

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To drill a water well using a PVC pipe, cut teeth into the bottom end of the pipe to produce a drill bit and run water into the pipe as you slowly rotate it into the ground. If done properly, the water should bring the drill cuttings up through the annular space between the pipe and the surrounding earth. Once the hole is drilled, install a well screen by inserting a slightly smaller pipe, outfitted with the screen, into the earth through the drill pipe before removing the drill pipe.

Before attaching the pump to create a functional well, lay down bentonite or cement along the sides of the borehole to seal the well. This ensures that airborne contaminants do not reach the well water. It is not recommended to use concrete for this purpose. After sealing the well, attach a motor or pump to gain access to shallow ground water.

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