How Do You Install a Water Softener?


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To install a water softener, place elbow fittings into the water supply line, and set the pipes that lead to the bypass valve in place. Attach the drain hose to the softener, and place its other end into a drain. Place the overflow tube to the water softener, run the appliance in the bypass mode for several minutes, and make sure that there aren't any leaks. Remove the air from the softener, and use it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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How Do You Install a Water Softener?
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When choosing the location for the water softener, make sure that there is enough room for its proper maintenance and that the temperature in the room doesn't go below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The best places include a basement, garage or utility room. Consider placing the softener near the water heater. Make sure that a power source and a drain are near the location.

Make sure to clean the location for the water softener, and set the softener in place before completing other steps. Set it up so the inlet is connected to the water supply and the outlet is connected to the water heater. Shut off the water for the house, and disconnect the power source from the water heater before starting the installation process. Get rid of all the water in the pipes by draining it though bibs on the bottom floor.

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