How Do You Install a Water Purifier?


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Installing a water purifier involves removing a faucet aerator from the kitchen faucet, preparing the faucet threads for connection to the purifier, assembling the purifier, connecting the purifier with the faucet and connecting a water filter bottle to the purifier. Testing the purifier and fixing any problems completes this process.

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Start by disconnecting the water supply to the kitchen faucet. To do this, locate the shut-off valve beneath the kitchen sink, and shut off the valve. Detach the aerator from the faucet. To prepare the faucet threads, wet a clean rag with water, and use the rag to wipe the threads clean of all stuck dirt and debris.

To assemble the purifier, read the instructions on the purifier assembly kit, and put together the purifier parts as the instructions direct. Once you assemble all the parts, align the faucet threads with the threads on the purifier, and turn the purifier clockwise to tighten the connection. However, be careful not to overtighten the connection to avoid destroying the threads. Then, connect a water filter bottle to the purifier, and attach other parts as needed. To test the purifier, reconnect the water supply to the faucet, examine the point of connection between the faucet and the purifier for leakage, and tighten the joint gradually to fix the problem.

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