How Do You Install a Water Pump?


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Water pumps are often installed in fountains or water features at home and require the water pump, an optional fountain head, a cinder block or preferred stone, a hacksaw, tubing, clamps and a screwdriver. Some pumps may need a ground fault circuit interrupter electrical outlet in addition to the other supplies. Before starting installation, the home owner needs to determine the size of the pump needed.

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Use the following steps to install a water pump.

  1. Situate the pump
  2. For the pump to work properly, it has to be off of the base of the pond. The bottom of the pond will block the flow of the water, or the liner can get sucked up into the pump itself. Sit the pump on the blocks or stone at the proper height for water flow over the pump.
  3. Attach the outlet water tubing
  4. Use the clamp to attach the tubing to the discharge stem of the pump. It should be placed about a half-inch from the end.
  5. Run the tubing and connect the power
  6. The tubing diverts the water to a desired location. Once it is in place, attach the power line and add water to the pump to ensure that it is functioning properly.
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