How Do You Install a Water Filter?


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Installing a whole-house water filter requires choosing a location for the filter, removing a section of existing pipe, fixing the filter in place and, where necessary, connecting the filter to the house's electrical system. Passive whole-house water filters do not require a connection to the house's electrical system.

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Before beginning installation, coat threaded surfaces in Teflon plumber's tape. Teflon tape fills any gaps in the machined threads, preventing any potential leaks once the filter is installed.

There are two options for where to place the water filter in the house's plumbing system: either before or after the water heater supply line. Placing the filter before the water heater supply line ensures that all the water in the house gets filtered, but this also uses more energy and requires replacing the filter more often. Because most hot water is not used for either drinking or cooking, placing the filter after the water heater supply line provides most of the same benefits while decreasing operating costs.

A water filter that uses only the principle of osmosis to filter the house's water does not need an electrical connection, while a powered water filter does. After connecting the powered filter to electricity, ground the filter's power supply using copper jumper wires.

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