How Do I Install a Washing Machine Belt?

How Do I Install a Washing Machine Belt?

A washing machine belt often breaks due to overloading the machine or from clothes stuck between the rim and drum. Indicators of a broken washing machine belt may include a burnt rubber smell or the tub's failure to spin.

  1. Empty the machine

    Remove any clothing from the cycle. If the machine did not pump out the water, bail it out with a container. Look for any stuck garments and remove them. Unplug the machine and disconnect the hoses.

  2. Access the belt

    Place a blanket on the floor. Work with a helper to tip the machine on its side or front.

  3. Remove the old belt

    The motor is spring-mounted to provide tension for the belt. Pull the belt down and turn the pulley to remove it from the motor.

  4. Purchase a replacement part

    Most appliance parts stores stock belts. Note any identifying number on the old belt if you are ordering online.

  5. Install the new belt

    Put the replacement belt over the motor pulley. Guide it over the larger pulley. Turn the large pulley several revolutions to ensure proper alignment.

  6. Return the machine to service

    Ask your helper to assist you in returning the washer to its normal position. Connect all hoses, and plug in the machine. Open the valves and operate the machine through one cycle without clothes in the tub as a test.