How Do You Install a Walmart Mini Refrigerator?


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Mini refrigerators are self-contained units, so they usually just need the correct power supply and to be positioned correctly. While Walmart carries several brands of mini refrigerators, the Igloo refrigerator offers installation instructions typical of most models.

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Most mini refrigerators feature three-prong plugs and so need three-prong outlets. The required power specifications are single phase alternating current at 115 volts and 60 hertz. Extension cords cannot be used for the power supply. Likewise, surplus cord cannot be rolled and placed near the back of the mini refrigerator, as this can result in a disruption of electricity.

A mini refrigerator should be placed in a location with good ventilation, allowing the heat it produces to dissipate. This enables low power consumption and high energy efficiency. The refrigerator needs to be placed a minimum of 4 inches away from the walls on all sides. The mini refrigerator should also have at least 8 inches of clearance on the top. The front of the refrigerator needs enough clearance to allow the door to open 160 degrees.

The mini refrigerator needs to be on a flat, stable surface capable of bearing its weight. It also needs to be placed away from direct sunlight or other heat sources. Areas of high humidity or moisture leaks are not optimal for refrigerator placement.

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