How Do You Install Wall Tiles in Your Bathroom?

How Do You Install Wall Tiles in Your Bathroom?

To install wall tiles in a bathroom, prepare the walls, and cut backerboard, and apply it to the wall with adhesive. Make a layout tool, and use it to mark the position of each tile on the wall. Secure the tiles to the backerboard with adhesive, and grout the joints.

To prepare the walls, clean the surface, patch imperfections and holes, and remove wallpaper. Measure the wall area, and use the measurement to cut a backerboard.

To affix the backerboard, apply adhesive on the wall with brush or a trowel. Affix the board on the wall, and allow the adhesive to dry completely.

To make a layout tool, lay two to three tiles against a wooden stick. Maintain some gap between the tiles to account for the grout, and mark the edges of the tile on the stick. Place the stick on the center point of the backerboard, and use its markings to trace the tile positions on the board. Once all the markings are made, the board should contain a checkerboard design.

To install the wall tiles, apply adhesive on the backerboard in an upward direction. Use the checkerboard design on the backerboard to guide tile placement. Cut tiles with a tile cutter to make them fit at the edges.

Finally, prepare the grout, and force it between the wall tiles using a rubber float. Wipe away excess grout from tile surfaces. Allow the grout to cure for a week, and then apply silicone grout sealer.