How Do You Install Wall Tile Around Electrical Outlets?


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Installing wall tile around electrical outlets involves uncovering the outlets, adjusting the outlets, cutting the tiles, attaching the tiles around the outlets with a suitable adhesive and gluing the tiles around the outlets. You need mortar, a screwdriver, a pencil and tile snips to complete this process.

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To remove the covers that protect the outlets, loosen and remove the screws that secure the covers in place with a screwdriver. To adjust an outlet, locate the screws that secure it in place, and turn them counter-clockwise with the screwdriver, taking care not to detach them from the electrical boxes. Stop loosening the screws once the outlet reaches the point where it will be on the same level with the wall tile after the installation, and repeat the process for the remaining outlets. Follow up by cutting the tiles so they fit the shapes of the outlets with tile snips. Be sure to hold the tile against the wall and mark the tile according to the shape of the outlet before cutting the tile.

Next, secure the tiles around the outlets with the mortar, taking care to position the tiles properly to avoid obstructing the outlet screws. Allow the mortar to dry before tightening the screws, taking care to ensure that the outlets don't exert excessive pressure on the tiles. Reattach the cover plates to complete the process.

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