How Do You Install a Wall Oven?


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Wall ovens are easy to install with some simple hand tools. The process for making connections varies depending on whether the unit is gas or electric.

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Start by measuring the space for the oven enclosure with a tape measure. The space should be large enough to allow 1/4 inch of clearance to each side of the unit. If the oven is a gas unit, make sure the gas is off, then wrap sealing tape around the gas valve nipple. Thread the coupler onto the valve and tighten the connection with the wrench.

When installing an electric unit, first ensure that the circuit breaker is switched off prior to making any connections. Remove the cover of the junction box and locate the four connection wires from the back of the oven. Remove approximately 3/4 inch of the wire insulation from the ends, exposing enough wire to make proper connections. Using wire nuts, connect the wires from the back of the oven to the corresponding wire from the box. Red and black wires are matched by color, while the green or copper wire from the oven should be matched to the white power supply ground wire from the box. The wires can then be tucked into the junction box and the cover replaced.

After the applicable connections have been made for either gas or electric units, the oven can be mounted to the wall using the drill and mounting screws. Turn on the gas and electricity in order to test the connections and operation of the oven.

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